We welcome you onto the journey to explore your own true climbing spirit. Climbing is the thing that makes us feel alive, more than anything else. Sharing our knowledge for rock climbing and the outdoors is what drives us in what we do. Experience with us, share with us, reconnect with us, to find your path, your balance.

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Let us guide you through your climbing journey. Let us help you integrate your climbing and training in your lifestyle and find your personal breakthrough moments. Because we believe in the value of quality, personal attention and a holistic approach when it comes to leveling up your climbing.



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Better we raise our
SKILL than Lower

At ĀTMA, we organize masterclasses and workshops that help you look to your own set of skills and learn how to grow further from there. Are you hosting an event or do you want your routesetters, trainers, climbers or business team to update their skillset? We offer workshops in various different fields, all taught by our experienced coaches.

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Bouldering Mecca:

trips & coaching

Rock climbing is what it is all about for us. Discover the amazing opportunities and experiences that rock climbing has to offer in a place where nature and history come together. Explore the pure feeling of moving on rock and learn how to navigate climbing areas with our Fontainebleau trips and outdoor bouldering coaching.

Careless Talk with Tiba Vroom
We are super thrilled that our coach Tiba Vroom is this week’s guest in The Careless Talk Climbing Podcast. It’s a lovely conversation between Tiba, Aidan Roberts and Sam Prior about what it’s like to run a non-profit bouldering gym, what we mean with Holistic Climbing Coaching, the role of women in climbing, routesetting and boulder development, and a lot more! They also play some Desert Island Bouldering. So give it a listen and let us know what you think!
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