We welcome you onto the journey to explore your own true climbing spirit. Climbing is the thing that makes us feel alive, more then anything else. Sharing our passion for Rock Climbing and the outdoors is what drives us in what we do. Experience with us, share with us, reconnect with us, to find your path, your balance.

We believe that when we find our path in life, following our true passion, this is where we can connect to our force within. A personal flame that burns in every one of us, just waiting to be fed by our breath. A deep knowing that this is what we must pursue.

For us this means climbing, emerging ourselves in the vast beauty of nature, sharing our passion and building a community around us. This is where our roots lie and this is the path we must take. So we can live in balance with our soul, our natural world and the people around us.

We are born to climb, and we are here to light this immensely strong fire in those around us. Coaching allows us to do this, and we would love to invite you to join us on our journey and find out what your path beholds for you. Because we strongly believe that together, we can find the value of our true climbing spirit.

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jorg franken climbing coach


holistic coach

Jørg is been passionate about climbing and coaching since the moment he discovered the sport over thirty years ago. He is now one of the most experienced and successful climbing coaches in the country, having coached multiple pro climbers and national champions. Jørg is specialized in mental coaching and holistic coaching.

profile picture tiba vroom


climbing coach

Tiba is one of the top athletes in the current Dutch climbing scene. Having bouldered up to 8B, she knows what she is talking about when it comes to training for climbing. Aside from being a pro climber herself, Tiba has been a climbing trainer and coach for over five years now. Tiba is specialized in teaching climbing technique.