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Tiba is a 24 year-old full time climber and climbing coach from Leiden. Her passion for climbing and the lifestyle around it has deeply influenced all aspects of her life. This has made her interested in the holistic coaching approach that ĀTMA now works with. Climbing has not only brought her a sport that she loves, but also a community, a lifestyle and a deep love for nature.

As a climber, Tiba has reached an elite level, both in competitions and rock climbing. She has been a multiple time member of the Dutch National climbing team and she has competed in many international competitions, including the bouldering World Cup circuit. Since 2020, Tiba shifted her focus to rock climbing. She became the first Dutch women to boulder the grade of 8B that same year with her ascent of the famous “Riverbed” in Magic Wood, Switzerland. She has proved herself to be the current top outdoor female boulderer in The Netherlands with multiple ascents of 8th grade boulder problem in various climbing areas around Europe. At the moment, she combines her own training and rock climbing with running the Wildflower Climbing Gym in Leiden and sharing her knowledge as a coach in Leiden and Fontainebleau since 2017.

Because of the positive impact that climbing has on her own life, Tiba loves to share this   through her coaching and other activities. Besides being a coach, she organizes climbing events focused on inclusivity and sustainability, to use her expertise to give back to the sport. These events include workshops about sustainability and inclusivity, forest clean-ups and the yearly Women’s Bouldering Festival that takes place in Fontainebleau each September.

Tiba’s specialism in coaching is analyzing movement, technique and tactics for climbing. This way, she can guide you with a personalized training approach. She also has many years of experiences in the rock climbing area of Fontainebleau, where she knows her way around the climbing areas like no other. Because of her own professional climbing career, she has a vast knowledge about how to structure your training, and how to incorporate climbing into your lifestyle. Book your session with Tiba or follow her on instagram, where she shares her story.