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Based in Leiden (The Netherlands) and Fontainebleau (France), Jørg and Tiba provide various in-person and remote services for personal training and coaching. Explore our options below and find out what’s the perfect balance for you.


Let us guide you to reach the next level in your climbing. We truly believe in the value of quality one-on-one or small group coaching. With personal training sessions by one of our professional coaches, in-person or online, we are here to help you break barriers and exceed your own expectations.


Take responsibility for your own progress with a more structured approach to training for climbing. With a vast knowledge and experience on training, climbing and everything connected to it, we can help you set up a training plan that is fully personalised and fit for your wants and needs.


We believe that the mind is the most important muscle in climbing. Work with us within this underestimated but extremely exciting field of experience. We will help you make your mind work for you, in stead of against you, and break out of your comfort zone, fears and climbing plateaus.


In a world that can feel so overwhelming, we provide guidance in finding the right path to follow. Integration of climbing in your lifestyle in a holistic way is the key for us. Not one thing can function on its own, no two things stand separate from each other. This is the core of our Holistic Coaching approach.
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The outdoors is where everything starts, especially when it comes to climbing. Explore the immense opportunities that rock climbing can provide you with. We will help you find your way in the bouldering Mecca of Fontainebleau, with guidance and climbing coaching in the purest form of our sport: outdoor bouldering.


Join us in the Wildflower Climbing Community, where our coaches offer group lessons in climbing technique, strength training for climbing, and more. This is our base camp in Leiden (The Netherlands) for in-person PT classes, events, workshops and group lessons. Find out more about the Wildflower Climbing Gym and the class schedule below.