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At ĀTMA, we have the expertise to help you take the next step in your climbing. We are specialised in guiding you in both indoor and outdoor climbing, from recreational climbers to elite level rock or competition climbers. With an indoor location in Leiden (The Netherlands) and an outdoor location in the heart of the Fontainebleau rock climbing area (France), you can personalise your training sessions to perfectly fit your climbing journey.

Our passion for climbing has made us experience how much more than just a sport climbing can be. It’s a way to develop new skills, learn more about yourself, connect to a community and spend time in nature. All of this is key to our holistic coaching approach. Besides guiding you through the technical and physical side of climbing, we focus on developing a healthy mindset and creating a supportive environment to enjoy our natural playground. We always make sure to give you the highest quality climbing coaching with great value on personal attention, so we can help you break through climbing plateaus and reach your goals.

We have created different programs for personal training and training plans. If you want to personalise your sessions more, or if you want more information about our approach, our coaches or our services, you can plan a free intake call with us. View all of our personal training options below.

climbing coaching indoor personal training

Personal Training

Let us guide you to reach the next level in your climbing. With personal training sessions by our professional coaches, in-person or online, we are here to help you break through plateaus and exceed your own expectations.

  • In Leiden (NL), Fontainebleau (FR) or online
  • One on one or small group
  • Indoor or outdoor climbing focused
  • Single session (€60/hour) or monthly membership
  • Climbing technique, mindset, nutritional & lifestyle advice
  • Available for all climbing and experience levels
training plans atma

Training Plans

Take responsibility for your own progress with a more structured approach to training for climbing. With years of experience with training, climbing and everything connected to it, the ĀTMA coaches can help you set up a training plan that is fully personalised and fit for your wants and needs.

  • 3-6 month training plan
  • Week plans, session plans and monthly blocks
  • Physical training, climbing technique, mindset, nutritional & lifestyle advice
  • One hour intake session (Leiden NL, Fontainebleau FR, or online)
  • Continues email or WhatsApp support
  • Personalised to reach your indoor or outdoor climbing goals
personalised climbing training plans

Personalised Plan

Are you interested in our climbing coaching or personal training, but are you looking for something outside our regular services? Or do you have any questions about what to expect, our approach or our possibilities? Please get in touch with us, so we can work out a personalised plan or session together. Ask your question here via email, or schedule a free intake call with one of our coaches.

climbing coaching group lessons

Group Lessons

Join us in the Wildflower Climbing Community, where our coaches offer group lessons in climbing technique, strength training for climbing, and more. Club Wildflower is our base camp in Leiden (The Netherlands) for in-person PT sessions, events, workshops and group lessons. Find out more about Wildflower and the training schedule below.

Climbing Coaching with TIBA VROOM

climbing coaching tiba vroom

“My passion for climbing and it’s lifestyle has deeply influenced all aspects of my life”

Tiba is a full time climber and climbing coach. Her passion for climbing and the lifestyle around it has deeply influenced all aspects of her life. This has made her interested in the holistic coaching approach that ĀTMA now works with. Climbing has not only brought her a sport that she loves, but also a community, a lifestyle and a deep love for nature.

As a climber, Tiba has reached an elite bouldering level, both in competitions and rock climbing. She has been a multiple time member of the Dutch National competition