Jørg started climbing in the early 90’s and started training and coaching climbers shortly after. His years of experience give him a vast amount of knowledge about climbing technique, how to train for climbing and how to prepare your mind for what you want to achieve.

With a background in psychology, Jørgs specialty is mental coaching and integrating climbing into your lifestyle. Not only can he help you improve your climbing level, he can also provide you with the tools to aproach climbing as a way to increase your general life quality. That is why we call his approach holistic climbing coaching.

Jørg has been both a successful rockclimber and competition climber himself. He has done boulders up to 8a back in the 00’s and has competed at the highest national level. As a coach, he has also worked with both rockclimbers and indoor/ competition climbers. He has joined multiple IFSC World Cups and other international competitions in both lead and bouldering as a national team official, and coached many of the top Dutch and international athletes. This makes him one of the most experienced and well-rounded coaches in The Netherlands.

Early on in his climbing career, Jørg discovered the natural beauty of the Fontainebleau forest. He has been returning here many times over the past 30 years, which results in a great amount of knowledge about the climbing areas, how to work with the conditions, how to find and complete the perfect bouldering project, and so on. He now shares all this knowledge during the ĀTMA Fontainebleau bouldering camps and coaching sessions.

jorg franken climbing coach