More than Gold

Six former top athletes share their lives for a week under the roof of the 14th-century castle Rechteren in Dalfsen. Marianne Timmer, Michael Boogerd, Henk Grol, Marlou van Rhijn, Gregory Sedoc and Nicolien Sauerbreij conduct real conversations in an intimate setting, without an interviewer or presenter. On the basis of photos of special moments from their sports and private lives, they relive highs and lows together.

Each episode focuses on one athlete. On his or her day, photos of special moments are the starting point for open and honest conversations. In the characteristic setting of Rechteren Castle in Dalfsen, those real conversations are accompanied by recognition, admiration and surprise. The former top athletes recognize a lot from each other, but also get to know a whole new side of each other.

Episode 2 tells cycling hero Michael Boogerd about the heavy pressure that was put on him as a child. About paternity and the panic attacks for which he was hospitalized for seven weeks. And for the first time we see athletes discuss doping among themselves. How do Boogerd and the other five look back on his ‘legacy’?

Our athlete and climbing coach Tiba Vroom had the opportunity to give Micael Boogerd and the other 5 former top athletes a climbing lesson in Groningen. Watch the broadcast HERE

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