Train the Trainer Workshops

Last Sunday, our coaches hosted two workshops to train the trainers of Utrecht’s bouldering association Uboulder. Uboulder’s newest climbing trainers traveled to the Wildflower Climbing Gym in Leiden to learn new skills about both mental training and additional physical training for climbing.

Uboulder is a bouldering association based in Utrecht. They have been founded with the goal of creating a community where people come together to climb, make friends, train, and take bouldering trips together. Wildflower Climbing has been working with Uboulder as a partner multiple times before, as we share the same values of climbing in a community, in a sustainable way.

The first workshop of the day was about mental coaching. Here we shared some insights about the different aspects of mental coaching and how to deal with them as a climbing trainer. After starting off with a discussion about the mental struggles you might encounter as a climbing trainer, the trainers had the opportunity to try their new skills out on each other with a climbing exercise.

The second half of the day contained a workshop about how to add off-the-wall additional exercises to complete a training session. This was focused mainly on sharing knowledge about different types of additional training and why we should address a combination of strength and mobility exercises in our training.

Are you interested in learning new skills as a climbing trainer, or do you want to educate your gym’s climbing trainers? We offer workshops on various topics for training climbing trainers to gain knowledge and skills. Take a look at our workshop page for options or contact us for more information!

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