Youth Climbing Summer Camp 2023

Welcome to the Youth Climbing Summer Camp in one of the most beautiful climbing areas in the world: the forest of Fontainebleau, France. At this camp, it’s all about bouldering, but also about the experience of traveling together, being in the outdoors, camping in nature and discovering all that this place has to offer.

With our guidance, the next generation will discover how to climb on rocks, which routes to choose, how to move when you are outdoor bouldering and how to work together as a group for a week. And of course, it’s all about having fun!

The week will be packed with climbing, guided by our experienced climbing coaches. Besides this, it will be the full camping experience, with plenty of time for fun activities such as hanging out at the pool and relaxing by the campfire after a long day of being outside. The focus will be on learning more about the things that matter, the climbing, taking care of nature and taking care of yourself en each other.

Are you interested in traveling to the forest with us for the full outdoor bouldering experience? Let us know and ask us for options for individuals and groups. We host multiple outdoor bouldering events, camps and retreats per year so click here for the planned events.

youth climbing summer camp 2023