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Welcome to the vast opportunities that rock climbing has to offer. Where movement connects to nature, this is where we can find ourselves. It is climbing in it’s purest form, and we would love to invite you to come with us to explore and experience outdoor bouldering in the forest of Fontainebleau.

At ĀTMA, we have decades worth of outdoor climbing experience. Now, we want to share this experience with the community by guiding and coaching climbers of all levels through the bouldering areas we love most.

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We offer personal outdoor guidance and coaching, that helps you break through barriers, find your projects and teaches you new skills that will make the difference in your climbing experience. Whether have spent many hours on your projects, looking to break a plateau, or you are just getting started with rock climbing and want to navigate the climbing areas of Fontainebleau with an experienced coach.

Fontainebleau travels


Spend more time bouldering outdoors with our Fontainebleau travel options and weekend trips. We want to lower the threshold for climbers based in The Netherlands and around to reach the bouldering areas by traveling together and sharing the drive. This way we bring outdoor climbing closer to the community, and we can share this experience with minimum impact.


Experience the beauty of rock climbing in the magical forest of Fontainebleau, France, with our retreats and outdoor bouldering events. Get grounded, reconnect to the natural world and the people around you and feel the power that climbing in nature can offer you. Learn how to move on the rock, find boulders that will help you move forwards in you climbing and navigate the areas of the world renowned French bouldering Mecca.

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